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    I am very very new to rhinestones. I would like to learn the steps needed to make and apply rhinestone car decals. I see you carry decal material. Are there instructions on how to use this to make car decals? I would greatly appreciate any guidance and help you can give me.
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    Welcome to the forum Laurie! I just emailed you the instructions we include with every purchase of clear decal material. Please let us know if you have any questions on the steps. You will find that they are fairly easy to create as the steps of applying rhinestones to decal material is similar to applying rhinestones to a garment. We recommend practicing the creation of your decals with small designs first as to not waste much material while you fine-tune the heat press settings required for your particular setup (as not all heat presses are exactly the same as one another).

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    I would like to know how do you make a rinestone decal from start to finish. Cant seem to find anything on the web

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    Hi Shaheerah. Welcome to the forum! Are you already familiar with creating rhinestone transfers and applying them to garments? If so, then the process of creating rhinestone decals is fairly it is very similar to applying a rhinestone transfer to a garment. In the case of a rhinestone decal, you heat press your rhinestone transfer to the surface of the decal material. The properties of the decal material are such that the material will melt just a bit around each rhinestone which helps secure them all in place. Then when you are ready to apply the decal, you remove the backing and apply the decal to a smooth and clean surface. The hotfix tape that was on the rhinestone transfer is then peeled off to reveal the applied decal. If you own a cutter, then we definitely recommend that you also contour cut your decal material to the size of your design before heat pressing on your rhinestone transfer. We have a video that demonstrates the creation of the contour outline that you would use to cut your decal material.

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    Hi, just wanted to know a little more about the decals, are they legal to use anyhere on cars or motorcycles as they flash reflective light?, will they stick to all vehicles main parts; body, glass and chrome? Can you use this material for rhinestone tatoos and if so how is it applied? How is it suggested to clean the customers decals? glass cleaner or such? Can i cut it with the Silhouette Cameo with the outline trace option?

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    Rhinestone decals do have a lot of bling to them, but they are not blinding to other drivers. Rhinestone decals created using Rhinestone StickOns material will stick to all vehicle main parts. Applying them just requires a clean, smooth surface. There are no special instructions for cleaning rhinestone decals on cars. It holds up to regular car washing as well as the various elements throughout the year. I would just make sure that the rhinestone decals are not placed in the path of any windshield wipers. Regarding the Silhouette Cameo software, I'm not familiar with its I'm not sure whether it has an outline feature or not to create a contour outline around your rhinestone design so that you can cut the Rhinestone StickOns material to match the shape of your rhinestone design.

    Although we have not certified or promote our Rhinestone StickOns material for creating rhinestone body tattoos, we have created some ourselves (and have reports from other customers doing this as well) and have not experienced any issues in our testing.

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    Just had to post! I purchased some of the decal material in July and finally got brave enough to try cutting it with the Cricut. It worked!!! Just through the decal but not the backing! Now need to actually make one! I was so happy, only took 3 tries.

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