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Thread: WinPc 2010 Pro Rhinestone cutting stencil

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    Default WinPc 2010 Pro Rhinestone cutting stencil

    Need Help. When using the fill and outline tool, when I go to cut all the stone colors in the design change to on color.Can't seperate to cut two different stencils for one design. This program seems very basic on rhinestones was added to 2010 with no instructions seems like no update on Help was added for this. Also once designs are turned into rhinestones can not get a close outline for decals without it going inline, I can not break it and change outline color and then delete inline color. Any help Thanks Sam

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    First, welcome to the forum. We are happy to try to help answer your questions, wherever you may have purchased your WinPCSIGN software. There is a new rhinestone manual for WinPCSIGN, although it doesn't cover your specific questions. You can download a pdf of this new manual on the community Home page, under WinPCSIGN Pro 2010 -> Documentation. We will pass along your comments about the Help files to the manufacturer.

    To answer your first question about separating colors in order to cut them separately, the important thing is the path color, not the fill color. You can set the path color before or after creating the rhinestones, however if you change the color of your path prior to laying down the rhinestones, the rhinestones will inherit the path color automatically. Then when you go to cut your design, it will display all the path colors within your design, allowing you to either cut them all at once or to cut them individually. By deselecting the All colors button within the Cutting control panel, it will then allow you to select one or more individual colors to cut (use shift key to select more than one color).

    As for your second question, I am not quite sure of what you are asking. Can you post a picture(s) of what you are trying to do?

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