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Thread: Thank Goodness I found a Rhinestone Forum

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    Default Thank Goodness I found a Rhinestone Forum

    It it wasn't for internet forums, I would really be much less wise and really sad.

    I have researched, and researched how to use rhinestones, now it's time I start doing. I see that the dates for posts etc. are very current, that's a really good shinny sign.


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    Welcome to the forum Trish! Looking forward to having you here and discussing and sharing rhinestones ideas and information with you. Rhinestone design and apparel is alive and well and so much fun to do! As you get going, I would definitely love to see the kinds of things you are creating. Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

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    Hi Trish and welcome to the forum

    Is there anything in particular you were looking to learn? I am just jumping in full force right now so we can help each other haha.

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    First I have to learn where to post my questions. I'm afraid I posted this same question in the welcome area. But, since you were kind enough to ask.

    I have the strongest urge to put rhinestones on my jeans' back pockets. I've watched some YouTube options, but I just don't find what I'm looking for. I keep imagining getting the rhinestones stuck on someone's couch when I try to stand up, or trying to sit on those sharp little buggers and getting a real surprise. I see them on some gal's jeans, but have never had the nerve to ask them to bend over so I can have a look, even if I am also a gal, doubt they would accommodate. See what I mean? So, if anyone could give me a huge hint, I would sure appreciate it. I'm either ahead of the trend or way behind, but that's my world.



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    Trish, I love your sense of humor. I'll go over and comment on your original jeans pocket post so that we can use that thread to discuss putting rhinestones on jeans. BTW, I moved that thread over to the General Discussion area to make it easier for people to find.

    As the community grows, I'm always open to suggestions how to organize things better so that everyone can post and find things more easily! Just post those suggestions here:

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